Reasons To Upgrade Your Circuits

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Your electrical system is often overlooked during upgrades and renovations, despite the fact that this is the heart of your home. Without a healthy electrical system, you run the risk of overloading your circuits, causing an outage, or worse, a potential fire hazard that puts your family at risk. Proactive measures taken during renovations not only save you hassle down the road, but also maintain your safety while often being more cost effective in the long haul.

  1. Security Systems:

    • With theft on the rise with the econimic downturn in Alberta, installing a security system is becoming common practice for the security of you home and your family. Most systems are manufactured to combat control power failure, telephone-line problems, loss of internal time measurement, breaches in or attempts to tamper with the system, and loss of battery power. The control panel must have enough capacity and functionality to carry all the security devices alarm output and must include a phone line connection and proximity to secure Internet access.

  2. Specialty or Custom Lighting:

    • Lighting fixtures are one way to quickly add ‘pop’ to your decor. With so many modern choices to select from one could be overwhelmed. Depending on the desired effect or task there numerous available options for recessed lighting, LED lighting, accent lighting, mood lighting, cabinet lighting … you name it - all for your home. Problem is. wiith the modern upgrades, also comes increased energy demands on the exiting circuit.

  3. Appliances:

    • Many appliances require dedicated circuits to meet today’s Electrical Code. Some of the standard appliances that require dedicated circuits are:

      • Refrigerator

      • Freezer

      • Electric range (also cooktop, oven)

      • Electric water heater

      • Furnace (also heat pump)

      • Washer

      • Dryer

      • Microwave

      • Dishwasher

      • Garbage disposal

      • Sump pump

      • Air conditioner (room and whole-house)

      • Bathroom heater (including vent-fan heater units)

      • Laundry room receptacles (outlets)

  4. Additional Outdoor Electricity:

    • Increased electrical demands from landscape lighting, a pool, a sauna, a steam room, a hot tub even a new sprinkler system often require a certified electrician to complete the work, with some projects even needing a permit for completion.

  5. Emergency Generator Installation:

    • The need to have continuous power in case of an ice storm, blizzard, or blackout to ensure everyone, including animals, remain warm and safe is easily satisfied with a Whole-Home Generator for emergencies. All sizes of backup generators work with a transfer switch that will switch power from the utility to the generator, while at the same time telling the generator to start. Transfer switches can be part of a sub-panel that is powered by the generator, or they can be whole house transfer switches, which transfer the entire existing breaker panel to the generator's power.

  6. Overloaded Outlets:

    • Are power strips and extension cords, or adding on additional outlet plugs your reality? Do you wish you had more outlets to support your electronics, home office equipment and bedrooms? Overloaded outlets also means overloaded circuits and that there is heavier current than your electrical system can withstand. Different circuits have different load ratings and thus may not be able to safely support the demand being put on it and is a fire hazard due to the overheating.

  7. Garage or Workshop:

    • The addition of welding equipment, or unplugging and re-plugging in devices in your garage so you can use your power tools is the first sign that you should add additional circuits to your breaker box or even add a sub-panel.

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