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Wireworks Electrical Services Ltd. is a leading electrical contractor serving Edmonton, St.Albert, Sherwood Park and Fort Saskatchewan areas.  We are dedicated to providing peace of mind electrical inspections and aluminum wiring repair & upgrades for your home or business. 

If you are doing home renovations or purchasing a home it is important for you to know how to identify the aluminum wiring that can be of concern for many electrical issues.  If you have found aluminum wiring in your home or business, it is important to have the repair performed by a qualified electrical professional.

Aluminum wiring is a known cause for many electrical fires due to poor connections from years of use or even overheating. As a result of the potential hazard, most all home insurance companies in Alberta now will require an electrical inspection and aluminum wiring upgrade completed prior to ensuring your home or business.  If the building was built in the 1950's to the late 1970's there is a high likelihood that there is aluminum wiring throughout the building and will require aluminum tailing repair to update to code. 

How to Identify Aluminum Wiring: 

  1. Carefully inspect the wire looking for markings on the plastic-sheathed or cloth outer jacket of the electric cables. 

  2. Cables or wires with aluminum conductors will have “Al” or “Aluminum” printed on the outer jacket.                                                                                                    

If you are unsure or can not locate any markings always be sure to have a certified electrician or electrical contractor do an electrical inspection and perform the proper corrective measures to repair the circuitry of your home or business. 

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