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Are you a business owner who is considering the installation of electric vehicle charging stations for your customers? With a larger number of electric vehicles on the road means that the demand for charging stations to keep EVs charged up and on the move is growing fast. Before you install an electric vehicle charging station for your customers, it is important to understand the different types of charging stations in the market right now, these are:

  • Level 1 charging – 120 volts of current is used. It has lowest installation cost of the 3 options today but also has the slowest charging speed which is typically 4 – 7 km range per hour.

  • Level 2 charging – 240 volts of current is used and has a higher installation cost in comparison to the level 1 charging system. Level 2 systems typically charges at 13 – 25 km range per hour.

  • Level 3 charging – It is also know as 480 volts DC is the fastest charging of the 3 options. This system can charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes. Installation cost of this system however, is much more as compared to the level 1 and level 2 charging systems. Level 3 charging systems are currently very uncommon, but are the most wanted by EV owners.

Some of other factors to consider, including the electrical requirements to install your electric vehicle charging station:

  • Power requirements for Level 1 and Level 2 AC chargers

  • Electric vehicle technologies

  • Canadian legislative codes and standards

  • Site planning of residential, commercial building

  • Safety issues

  • Disability requirements

One also should consider the quality of the pins with the charging system as it often drives user satisfaction. The pins are important because a poor quality charger can definitely create undesirable changes to the vehicle being charged. Two things that should have more attention are the connector which is plugged into the vehicle and the connector from the source of power supply.

Location. Location. Location. This also will matter as it determines the frequency of usage of the charging station. A public charging station, such as in a mall parking lot, will allow for two three users to charge at the same time. Having electric vehicle charging stations in these locations ultimately allows the owner to charge their vehicle while they finish their work or shopping.

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