Electrical Main Panel 100 Amp Upgrades

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Electrical Main Panel 100 Amp Upgrades

When or why should you upgrade your electrical main panel to 100 Amp? Well, back in the 30’s to the mid 60’s, many builders in the Edmonton area were installing 60 or 70 amp electrical services in the majority of residential homes. Prior to this period, knob and tube wiring was the standard often found in many homes that have the ‘character’ we love. Unfortunately, these character homes will need to be upgraded to serve the electrical demands that our current appliances require.

The Canadian Electrical Code states that any residence that is 80 square meters or smaller, not including the basement, can be 60 amp rated and are grandfathered into the code. Meaning, if it met code when it was installed it meets the code requirements, however, over the years, insurance companies have been known to withhold insuring homes with these older electrical services. Insurance companies now require upgrading to 100 amps prior to even listing the house for sale. This means for today’s home buyer, you must be aware that this is becoming an issue and to ensure this has been completed as many mortgage brokers can not issue a mortgage on the property until this has been completed.

Wireworks Electrical Services Ltd. is a certified electrical company to complete the required upgrades to your electrical main panel to 100 amp. While the work is being completed we will disconnect the power and restored safely when the job is done.

Our Services Include:

  • Service Upgrades

  • Meter Base Repairs

  • Meter Base Replacements

  • Service Mast Repairs

  • Replace Weather Head

  • New Grounding Systems

  • Whole House Surge Protection Devices

  • Sub Panels

  • Label Household Circuits on Existing Panels

If you are not sure what amp your electrical service is we are available to discuss this and your options. Free Estimates are available as well. Contact us directly at 780-289-1660 or by email at ray@wireworksltd.com.



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