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MAIN ELECTRICAL PANEL & SUB-PANEL UPGRADES in fort saskatchewan, sherwood park, st. albert and edmonton areas

Wireworks Electrical Services Ltd. provides main electrical panel & sub-panel upgrades for Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Edmonton and surrounding areas.

The Heart of Your Home needs to be kept in good working condition to prevent electrical failure and potential fire hazards. The electrical panel in your home has a main built-in breaker that can shut off all the power to your property. This built-in breaker is generally a double-pole circuit breaker that both identifies the capacity of your panel’s circuits and ultimately also protects those circuits from becoming overloaded. Sub-panels however, typically don’t have their own power disconnect and are generally powered from the main panel.

There numerous reasons as to why electrical panels may need to replaced or upgraded such as if your home still has a fuse box which is common found in homes built prior to 1960. It is worth noting that if your home is more than 20 or 30 years old, you may need an upgrade to the main electrical panel or even add a sub-panel to ensure it can safely withstand the electrical demand. There older homes generally have panels that top out at 60 or 100 amps, in comparison, today’s new homes typically have a 200-amp panel installed to support the electrical needs of high-definition televisions, computers, smart refrigerators, convection microwaves and other appliances.

If your circuit breakers trip often, your main electrical panel is warm to the touch and even possibly has a smell, then these are all warning signs that increase your risk of an electrical fire and you should consult an Certified Electrician in your area to perform an inspection and consider upgrading your main electrical panel, or even adding a sub-panel to your home’s circuitry.

Wireworks Electrical Services Ltd. also provides such services as over/underground electrical repair/new lines, electrical meter and mast changes, as well as, trenching services for any required jobs.

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