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Electrical Requirements for New Garage Development, Renovations and Additions

Electrical Requirements for New Garage Development, Renovations and Additions

Electrical requirements for any new garage development, renovations and additions, including detached structures , must comply with the current Canadian Electrical Code ( See Alberta Electrical Code ) which one must understand that the Code varies across the provinces. One must also take into consideration that…

Five Factors to Consider When Building a House


There will be a few varying factors when considering building a home in an urban location versus a rural location. The 1st and most important thing to watch out for if you are on an acreage or rural location is water. Water for home use and the water drainage issue. If there is no water, for home use, then the cost of a well will be a factor. YOU NEED WATER. The second part of this to consider is the drainage. You can have the most beautiful well-constructed home and have problem after problem with water in the basement or flooding during wet years or heavy rainfall, including snow melt.

The second item to consider when building your home is that you will need to have good reputable contractors with a long history of work completed. Don’t be afraid to do inquiries on them. Check out their work first hand if possible, in fact, visit some of their finished work in person. Ask for references if necessary. Check them out the BBB. If there have been complaints filed, it will be there.

Anther factor to assess is the financial cost and affordability. With the interest rates and economic uncertainty one must do what one can afford. Job security and longevity is essential. It is a big commitment and it will determine your lifestyle. Building a home is planting your roots in a future and you are paying yourself in the end. You have equity and a future of more growth.

Location, location, Location! Your location is relative to where you work. The cost of property or lot to build upon needs to be evaluated. When comparing city living/suburban areas to an acreage or rural/farm, it may simply boil down to the best “bang for the buck”. If commuting is not a real issue for you to get to work, then the price may be based on that location.

Warranties on materials and labor are also important. The contractors need to prove that they will stand by their work and that everything meets code.  Should there be issues, the timelines need to be clear on how long they will continue to provide follow up. Make sure they are credible. References do help here from past projects and sometimes you can tell by how they present themselves and how concerned they are with any issues that do arise - and there will always be hiccups or unforeseen issues that popup throughout the build process.  

How your contractors deal with these 'things', no matter how small determines their integrity. If they listen and hear you, they are worth doing business with.

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