Key Differences Between Fluorescent and LED Lighting

Key Differences Between Fluorescent and LED Lighting | Wreworks Electrical Services Ltd. Fort Saskatchewan and Sherwood Park AB

Key Differences Between Fluorescent and LED Lighting | Wreworks Electrical Services Ltd. Fort Saskatchewan and Sherwood Park AB


When comparing Fluorescent and LED lighting there are a few major differences that the average home or business owner should be aware of.  The first and most obvious of these differences is the lifespan and the energy usage, however both are considerably more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs.

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The standard LED can last 6 times longer that a fluorescent light bulb, bringing it in at around 60 000 hrs of usage before replacement is required.  When it comes to the energy required to light an LED it uses about half of the wattage needed in comparison to a fluorescent, or approximately 6 watts vs. 14 watts, which over the lifespan of the unit makes the LED about 5 times more energy efficient than a fluorescent with almost an immediate notice on your next month’s energy bill.

When one is determining whether LED or Fluorescent is the way to go for your home or business here are a couple key items to keep in mind.  The LED light itself is a single light emitting diode or lamp, as often found in flashlights or under cabinet lighting and even in a cluster of diodes to create a light bulb.  This is a drastically different style than a fluorescent as they are tubes that can be many feet long down to the size of a standard light bulb. Fluorescent's also contain mercury or harmful gases that if the bulb is broken these poisonous gases would be released.

Now considering the style differences, this also has influence on the application or how they will be used.  LED lighting is frequently referred to as directional and is most often used in flashlights, desk lamps, electronic devices and under cabinet light for the bathroom or kitchen as it acts like a spotlight illuminating a pointed area.  Fluorescent's are great for lighting up large areas for home or business usage. 

The cost factor is something to also understand.  The LED technology costs more upfront yet they are more durable than fluorescent's and the replacement of these lamps far less frequent and thus a little friendly on the budget and the environment.

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