Are your customers engaged when they enter your business?

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There are many studies that suggest and prove the more you can keep your customers engaged when they enter your business; the more successful and profitable you will be.  Sounds easy!!! Ha! For those business owners out there who are currently trying to find ways to continuously improve their business know that this is not the easiest objective to achieve.  Regardless if you are a retail shop, a salon, hotel or a restaurant; keeping your customers coming back is a vital component to a sustainable business model. 

Tenant improvements are a great place to start.  Creating strong branding that proves true representation of your services, your product, your company's culture and ultimately defines what sets your apart from your competitors.  Standard relocation of walls, adding of basic fixtures or workstations are not what I am talking about either.  I am speaking to the 'wow' factor when you walk through the door.  

The 'wow' statement is the first opportunity to connect and keep your customers engaged.   The conversation starter.  It draws the customer in.  This is the beginning of where you get to reaffirm why your business is the best.  The customer came to you yes. Yet so many business owners forget this is also the chance to give them the reason to return ... again and again.  

"According to the Harvard Business School, increasing customer retention rates by 5 percent increases profits by 25 percent to 95 percent (source)." -  Convince & Convert

Questions to ask yourself: 

Do customers know what your services or product is within 5 seconds of entering your business?  

Do they feel welcomed and comfortable when they enter? 

Are your specials or VIP Loyalty programs in clear view? 

Would you spend your money or your time on your service or product?

Would you return? 

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All great questions to ask and if any of them are answered with a no.  Awesome!  You have just identified a starting point on where to focus your efforts.  Just remember to do your research and find reputable contractors who see your vision and will do their best to execute quickly, safely and will work with you through out the process.

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