Do You Need To Upgrade Your Circuit Breaker Box?

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Do you have enough circuits available?

Your electrical panel is the hub that powers all your plugs, lights and appliances in your home. The panel will determine how much power can be distributed to power your electrical needs. The quantity and size of the circuit breakers in your main breaker box will tell you whether or not you can do this with ease or if you are putting too much load on your system.

Here are some things to be aware of so you can make an educated decision.   If you think that you do need to overhaul your electrical system there are a few main components that need attention.  The first thing to consider is upgrade your panel to bring more power from the utility company into your home.   From there one could also identify if it's needed to replace the existing meter to handle the increase in power supply.  Once inside your home the circuit breaker box and circuit breakers also need to be upgraded so to ensure current electrical code is met and there are not obsolete, damage or worn components.  While the electrician is overlooking your system it is important for them to also do a look-over of your wiring and it's capacity to handle an increase in power to your home. 

The next step is to add any additional circuits needed to distribute adequate power to your rooms, outlets and appliances. While tackling this it is wise to address replacing old and worn out receptacles and updating your switches to the modern decora style.  These decora style switches and plate covers are available in many colors and styles to match the decor of your home.

Should you require and upgrade to your current electrical system, Wireworks Electrical Services Ltd. is happy to help.  We can provide you with an estimate for the required upgrades or changes to accomodate your current and futures energy requirements .  We can be contacted at 780-289-1660or by email at