When Is It Time To Call In An Electrician?

Call In An Electrician | Electrician in Edmonton AB | Electrician in Fort Saskatchewan AB | Electrician in Sherwood Park AB | Electrician in. St. Albert AB

Call In An Electrician | Electrician in Edmonton AB | Electrician in Fort Saskatchewan AB | Electrician in Sherwood Park AB | Electrician in. St. Albert AB


Renovations and construction are always fun for those who like to take the bull by the horns and enjoy building something with their own hands.  There are many reasons we love these activities and yet there are times we are left scratching our heads wondering if we have just bitten off more than we can chew.  So before we blow the place up it is wise to take a step back and ask ourselves if it is time to call an electrician.  There are many things the average handyman can do correctly, but when it comes to relocating outlets or swapping out light fixtures there are red flags you need to watch out for through out the process? 

It is time to call in an electrician when you see the following issues: 

Smoking or burnt wires

Is usually caused by corrosion or possibly a loose connection.  Over time the insulation on the wire starts to melt or burn and can cause a house fire.

Aluminum Wiring 

If you find aluminum wiring in your home it is very important to call in an electrician to update as this is a potential fire hazard and is often found in older homes. ( see Aluminum Wiring in Older Homes )

Flickering Lights

While this can be something minor, it too is often a result of loose wiring and is the main cause of house fires and warrants further inspection from a liscensed electrician.

Outlets and Switches that are warm

This is a sign of trouble and that the wiring is damaged or there are loose connections. This needs to be corrected immediately to prevent an electrical fire.  Turn off the breaker and call an electrician.

Service and Panel Upgrades

Is often required if your panel is 20 years or older and to increase the capacity of the existing electrical system to accomodate for modern appliances, new rooms, or higher electricity demand as a whole. All updates and upgrades to the electrical system must be completed to comply with current electrical code.

Tripping Breakers  

First off, this is a sign that the circuit is overloaded.  By design circuits shut off the electrical flow to protect the circuit from overheating and causing damage such as a fire.  ( see 3 Reasons Why You Are Tripping Breakers )

Circuit Breaker Upgrades

Circuit breaker upgrades are generally required when the above items are consistantly occuring.  It is a good rule of thumb to upgrade the panel at the same time to accomodate today's increase in energy demand due to all the new gadgets and appliances.

Adding outlets, GFCI receptacles, USB ports

To avoid hooking up incorrectly and creating a myriad of issues due to retrofitting to old circuitry.  New outlets, GFCI's and USB's should be installed by an electrician to ensure there is room for these additions in your current electrical panel as overloading a circuit can be a potential fire hazard

Underground Service Installation or Repair

Locating of utility and natural gas lines are the first hazard that one needs to recognize as it can cause fatal or severe injury due to the high reactive power of underground electrical services.  Troubleshooting electrical repair for underground service is also much more difficult and requires a certified electrician to complete the work safely and correctly.

Always consult with a reputable electrical company if you feel your project needs the professional look over.  Wireworks Electrical Services Ltd. can help you complete your project and are available by phone when it's time to call an electrician.  We can be reached at 780-289-1660 or by email at ray@wireworksltd.com should you have any questions. 

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