Alberta Landlords: Your Rental Property. What you need to know.

Alberta Landlords - Your Rental Property. What you need to know. | Wireworks Electrical Services Ltd. Fort Saskatchewan and Sherwood Park AB

Alberta Landlords - Your Rental Property. What you need to know. | Wireworks Electrical Services Ltd. Fort Saskatchewan and Sherwood Park AB


So, ok.  You are a landlord.  Awesome right? You have an investment for the future and possibly part of your retirement plan.  For those who can go down this path, there seems to be a never ending balancing act of delivering needs vs. wants.  So, let’s start by defining a want.  Renters may want a clean, updated, open-concept living space with modern appliances, but at a reasonable price.  Yet the margins need to be there so that this plan of yours pans out for you and your family in the end game. 

Are there places you can cut corners and not skimp on quality?  Absolutely!  The local eco-station often has paint you can snag for a great deal, if not for free, or even mis-tinted colors found in paint section of your local   If you have a furnished rental property, second hand stores are great to find unique pieces of furniture, that with a little love and TLC, can be that one item creates a unique and mod design that many renters seek out.  Places such as Habitat for Humanity  or Home-Reusables are a haven for stellar finds at a bargain where you can get everything from appliances to fixtures to flooring. 

Now let’s cut to the chase.  What are the needs?  As a landlord, there are many items you are responsible for.  It’s important to make sure your Alberta rental property is safe and up to legal code.

When it comes to fire safety there is a good chance that the jurisdiction in which the property is located can affect the requirements.  Be sure to check with the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), or local fire department, to identify the landlord’s obligations.   

Your insurance providers will also require that you comply with specific codes and standards that are possibly outside of the Alberta Fire Code.  Service Alberta has a good handbook that can provide you with some of the inspection reports to reference while also providing an overview of the Residential Tenancies Act for the province. While we are at it let’s not forget the Alberta Building Code and Electrical Code which can also vary depending on location. 

When we look at what is required for landlords with Fire Safety, both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are also high on the list of ‘must follows’.  This means there are requirements for inspection, testing and maintenance for all of the Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms in your rental property. 

The enforcement of these laws also comes with fines in which landlords can face if they are not following the laws. Please visit Service Alberta and the Safety Codes Council web sites for updated information on this topic. 

If there you are struggling to determine where it’s a want or a need feel free to contact your local Landlord and Tenants Council for clarity around your landlord responsibilities.

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