Where Should You Spend Your Renovation Budget?

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If you are considering a renovation taking some time ahead of the project to allocate your spend is a great idea so you do not run into any surprises along the way.  But where do you spend your renovation budget?  The kitchen, bathroom and basement will always yield the best return on your investment dollars especially if you choose energy-efficient and eco-friendly options.  Planning carefully and and smart choices will go a long way to recoup your money.

High efficiency appliances. Upgrading to high efficiency appliances, tankless water heaters and furnaces  will increase the value of your home while reducing any living costs for the homeowner.  Depending on your region there may be special tax incentives or rebates to help offset the cost for the upgrades.

LED Lighting. Installing or switching out your traditional light fixtures with modern LED will do wonders to bringing your home into this century.  With many options available from style to even the colors of the LED you will be suprised by how this subtle change can bring some much needed change to your space.

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Electrical Outlets.  If you are remodeling your home another place to allocated some of your reno spend wouth be upgrading your outlets to the modern Decora style.  Worn out electrical outlets are frustrating and fire hazards.  Adding GFCI's into your kitchen and bathroom is also a wise choice to keep everyone safe by today's electrical standards.

Recessed Lighting.  Can add a very sleek style to your kitchen, living room or basement living areas.  Recessed lighting is not expensive and is a great way to change the look and feel to your areas.

Electrical Panel.  Old electrical panels have fuses and are limited on available breaker space to add circuits as they were maxed out at time of construction.  Some insurance carriers will not insure a property that has fuses).   Many old panels are of inferior quality and can be a fire hazard with modern appliances that can put quite the strain on your electrical system.

Whole Home Surge Protectors.  Whole home surge protectors are typically wired to the electric service box and located nearby to protect all the appliances and electrical systems in a home.

If you are planning a renovation and need some help understanding what to prioritize your safety with focus on your return on investment - give us a shout. 

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