Renovation Readiness - Tips n' Tricks

When to call an electrician for renovations sherwood park ab


Now that summer is near gone, it is the season for renovations and remodeling. Believe it or not, but September - December is a popular time for spruce up the home for many folks in Alberta. With the reality of winter setting in and a number of holidays and family gatherings just around the corner many of us chose to spruce up our home a little. Common renovations are the kitchen, bathroom and the basement by upgrading appliances, changing out fixtures, swapping out tile and flooring or even putting a few walls up in a previously undeveloped basement to add more living space. All of these seem simple enough at first glance, however it is easy to miss a few critical items in planning that can throw the budget off track. So we are here to provide a few tips and tricks to consider before turning to the pro’s during your next project.


Have a basic plan. While this seems easy at first it there will be 100 different things uncovered during the renovation that can very quickly take you off-budget and into the ‘reno-weeds’. So be prepared for a design pivot with potential ‘plan b’ options ready as when modifying older structures there tends to be curve balls thrown at you throughout the project.

Plan. Plan. And More Planning.
But be prepared for a design pivot.

When considering new appliances for your kitchen get measurements of the new stove, dishwasher and fridge prior to purchase. To save yourself some serious design faux pas, measure the depth, the height and even look at the power requirements to run these new devices. Older homes generally have lower counters and are also not as deep as the new homes today. If you are getting new cement counter-tops, as an example, there are a couple ways to complete this job, but both generally lift the height overall and you will need to ensure that the appliances can snugly fit into their spots with correct placement. In order to have the new appliances seamlessly fit into the design, ensure they will be able to fit into the layout and can be supported by your current electrical system.

When to call an electrician for renovations

While many of the appliances today are more energy efficient than they were 15 years ago, they also require much more power. Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? The fact is that the energy demand of these new appliances can add significant load to your home’s electrical circuitry; including your main electrical panel and its components. If you are not sure if your panel can support the electrical requirements contact a local certified electrician to inspect prior to starting the project.

Also be sure to check for Aluminum Wiring in older homes as this will need to be updated to the current electrical code to correct potential fire hazards. If you are not sure if your home has aluminum wiring, do call an electrician before the renovation starts.

When opening up existing walls it is important to know that you will need to update the electrical wiring to the current codes specs and a permit and inspection is likely needed before the new drywall can be put up to ensure all the electrical components are current and installed correctly.

If you are considering renovations to your home, or even additions to an existing structures, including adding or relocating outlets, adding GFCI's, installing LED under-cabinet lighting, panel and circuit upgrades, know that these can all be addressed easily with proper guidance during your renovation. Always be sure to work with a certified electrical company in your area to ensure you are safely meeting the requirements of your town or city.

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Some of our services include:

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  • Home Data and Hard-Wired USB Charger Lines

  • Electrical Planning & Design for Remodels, Renovations, Additions and New Construction

  • Hardwired Smoke and CO2 Detector Installation

  • Exterior and Landscape Lighting

  • Aluminum Wiring Repair & Electrical Code Updates

  • Additional GFCI's

  • LED Pot Lighting

  • Hot Tub Hook-Up