How to Increase the Value of Your Home or Condo


If you are thinking of selling your property, then the question how do you increase the value of your home or condo has likely already popped up.  There are many ways one can increase their property value with

out breaking the bank and still get good bang for buck.  Average home improvement or renovation costs will come in around 20 to 25 cents for every dollar spent and the rest of 75 to 80 cents spent will be applied to increasing your over all property value.

Unless you are a property flipper, the slow and steady path to complete your project is probably the best scenario to ensure you are not cutting corners and you have thought of everything along the way.  Suprisingly enough, updating your decor combined with upgrades will both pay off in the end and increase the value of your home or condo.

Upgrades that will provide good return on investment that are not a massive hit to the wallet are items such as replacing faucets, lighting, window treatments and doors.  Making small changes over the course of several months is a successful strategy to see the transformation take place in front of your eyes.  Upgrading a few receptacles and plugs along with a lamp or light fixture can vey quickly add a refreshed feel to the space.

This month on month strategy is an approach we have taken with the ownership of our own home.  We would tackle little by little and before we realized it we have given our humble home a fresh look.  One of the more recent decisions was to add potlighting in both the kitchen and living areas.  While one may think this does not make a difference - we were astonished by the modern feel and ambiance this investment provided.

Another simple and highly effective upgrade that we tackled is the swapping out all the light switches and receptacles with the modern Decora switches.  In a matter of hours we were able to apply a subtle and yet noticeable change to our major living areas.

Doing multiple mini-remodels across the house is a simple and great way to ensure your home or condo value remains at its peak.  Applying a faux-wood feature wall or a fresh coat of paint can do wonders with very little effort.  Even a new wall painting, wallpapered accent wall or a refurbished entertainment stand can add a twist of awesome to your space.

If you are willing to take on something a little more intense a kitchen or bathroom overhaul is always a solid way to increase the value of your home or condo.  Redoing and installing a colorful backsplash, new flooring tiles and stainless steel appliances are a for-sure 'wow factor'!

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